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In Puerto Rico, the traffic and vehicles law mandate the use of seat belts, car seats, and protective motorcyclist’s helmets. However, 37.96% of the people who died between 2014 and 2016 were not using any of these personal protective gears. This area need to stop the recent increase in the number of people observed not using the personal safety devices and to reduce the fatalities and serious injuries associated to this dangerous practice.

  1. Strategic Goal: Reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries of occupants and motorcyclists not using safety gears (seat belt, child restraint, and helmets). 

  2. Performance Measure:

    a. 5-year moving average of unrestrained occupant fatalities.

    b. 5-year moving average of unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities.

  3. Safety Performance Goal

a. To reduce the 5-years moving average of unrestrained occupant fatalities from 81 to 74 within the next 5 years.

b. To reduce the 5-years moving average of unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities from 28 to 23 within the next 5 years.

4. Most Relevant Points

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5. Strategies

a. Reinforce education to citizens on the importance of the correct use of protective equipment.

b. Continue the application of the Law for the use of protective equipment to all users of the road.

c. Modify the identification system/driver's license to facilitate pedestrian enforcement. 

d. Continue the implementation of inspection stations for the installation of child protective seats "Child Restraint System Inspection Station (s)".

e. Conduct the observational study on the use of protective equipment.

f. Promote signage or variable messages promoting the use of protective gear on public roads.

g. Promote that each driver has emergency equipment in his vehicle (e.g, cones, vests, triangles, lamps).

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