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Negligent driving is the failure to exercise the expected care of a responsible driver. It considers different driving behaviors associated with the lack of judgement when driving a motor vehicle in Puerto Rico. Speeding is the behavior included in the crash and fatalities databases; thus, it is mainly used for the analysis of negligent driving. Between 2014 and 2016, speeding represented 36.95% of drivers’ fatalities.

  1. Strategic Goal: Reduce speeding-related fatalities.

  2. Performance Measure: 5-year moving average of speeding-related fatalities

  3. Objective (Performance Goal): To reduce the 5-year moving average of speeding-related fatalities from 98 to 78 within the next 5 years.

  4. Most Relevant Points

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5. Strategies

a. Educate about the impact of negligent driving in traffic crashes.

b. Coordinate preventive patrols in places susceptible to negligent driving.

c. Include engineering measures to discourage driving at speeding and other negligent driving (e.g. traffic calming, work zones, school zones).

d. Improve the processes of the points system of the driver's license and the tools to support it.

e. Include the topic of highway safety in the meetings of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to promote the use of municipal polices supporting the State Police efforts in reducing traffic crashes and traffic law violations.

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